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The purpose of this poster is to propose a theoretical framework and its models. The Three Reliances is a proposed system of knowledge that presents three pillars of support a rural community can become reliant on when the means to obtain social capital becomes static. The pillars of support are churches, private capital and Internet. When a community develops without a community center or an effective alternative static social capital increases while dynamic social capital decreases, and in turn there will be a substantial decrease in self-actualized community members. At the pinnacle of Maslow's hierarchy of needs rests self-actualization. Self-actualization is a status marked by high levels of fulfillment, individuals who have self-actualized will have greater social mobility within their communities and will be in advantageous situations to relieve the needs of other community members. Qualities of self-actualized members are commonly practiced in communities with both an effective and efficient community center. How a member of a community meets their self-actualization needs is dependent on what community engagement programs exist.



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