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2nd Place - Empirical Graduate


Empirical Graduate


This study aims to add to the understanding of creating adult education programs within museums. This will be accomplished through investigation of previous adult programs hosted by other natural history museums across the United States. Previous research has been more qualitative in terms of comparing events hosted by a museum (Dudzinkska-Przesmitzki and Grenier, 2008). By collecting and comparing key data points from other museums, this quantitative research can aid in education research as well as create a template for successful programs to be held at The Sternberg Museum of Natural History (FHSM). Data collection was done by survey. Multiple museums in this study stress the importance in creating a relaxed environment, having a themed event, and using all aspects of marketing. A future program at FHSM will include all of the above points as well as a children’s event to be held at the same time. One museum noted in their survey an increase in attendance when adults do not have to hire a babysitter. Using all of these points, a successful adult educational program may be created for use at FHSM.



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