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3rd Place - Non-empirical Faculty/Staff


Non-empirical Faculty/Staff


Caim (kyem) n. Sanctuary; a magic circle of protection; stain, blot; circular prayer drawn by hand around one’s body to invoke love and protection in dark times. SCOTS GAELIC I am fascinated by religion, even though I do not believe or subscribe to any one dharma. I grew up in a Catholic family going to parochial school for 8 years. Even though I do not believe in religion I am obsessed by the use of religious symbols and mythology used throughout history. When I was twenty I read Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth. Campbell discussed one culture where a person would draw a circle in the sand and sit inside to find peace. Since reading this passage, I have been drawing circles in hopes to find quiet and tranquility. Two years ago I started meditating and with each meditation I drew an imaginary circle around myself. Last spring Dr. Gene Rice and I held an Undergrad Research Project called The Mindful Drawing Project with 12 faculty and students. We meditated and drew, as we all searched for peace and contentment. This work was created within the last 2 years. All of the processes in this work bring me peace: weaving, spinning, embroidery and drawing. This work is not narrative but instead documents time and reflects the inside of my circle.


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