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2nd Place - Non-empirical Faculty/Staff


Non-empirical Faculty/Staff


The purpose of this qualitative research paper is to address a current void in program models for cross border higher education exchanges between the U.S. and China. The authors propose a hybrid exchange model. The model integrates business project management concepts with educational curriculum design by investigating two research questions: a) What models currently exist?; and b) What process model can be developed which results in streamlined, transparent, and mutually effective academic exchange programs for the U.S. and China higher education? With internationalization in higher education on the rise, the growth and impact of these cross border programs have long become the focus of numerous studies. While scholars have been studying the growth of the U.S and Chinese higher education systems and the impact of the returning U.S. and Chinese students and scholars, other than the Fulbright Scholar programs (Fulbright Program, 2013), little has been researched on U.S. and China faculty exchange programs. Although numerous publications exist on academic exchange programs, any data on models built for transnational faculty exchange programs were not available. This study intends to fill the gap and open a conversation on such program models.



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