Psychology Faculty Publications
The Psychology Faculty Publications Collection contains research published or presented by departmental faculty. All submissions are subject to applicable copyright restrictions.


Submissions from 2015


Good Fences Make For Good Neighbors but Bad Science: A Review of What Improves Bayesian Reasoning and Why, W. Trey Hill

Submissions from 2014


Affective Responses to Music Without Recognition: Beyond the Cognitivist Hypothesis, W. Trey Hill

Books from 1985


The Handbook of Clinic Practice, George A. Kelly, Thomas T. Jackson, Paul F. Zelhart, and Robert P. Markley

Books from 1982


Explorations With Fixed-Role Therapy, Robert P. Markley, Paul F. Zelhart, and Thomas T. Jackson

Books from 1940


Studies in Clinical Psychology, George A. Kelly and F.B. Streeter