A three-round Delphi study was conducted to identify training topics required for development of a successful China business by U.S. agricultural companies. By identifying the training topics, business educators can better assist in the development of training programs targeted at U.S. companies wishing to conduct business in China. Thirty-seven (37) panel members completed the first round survey with 34 of them completing the second and third round surveys. In summary, the panel generated nine groups of training topics for U.S. agricultural companies wishing to enter the Chinese market. The nine training topics are: ethics and trust, Chinese markets, networks and partnerships in China, Chinese business practices, language and culture, product advantages and customer service, political and economic climate in China, legal counsel and intellectual property in China, and human resources and labor costs in China. Of the nine training topics, the “product advantages and customer service” group reached high consensus level among the panel. The other eight training topics reached moderate consensus level. Furthermore, of the nine training topics, the “ethics and trust” as well as the “Chinese markets” groups were both considered as essential by the panel for including into training programs that U.S. agricultural companies should consider when entering the Chinese market. The other seven training topics were considered as very important.





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