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Carson Tree Legand (1)


This black and white document features a photograph of the Kit Carson Tree at the Riverside Park in Halstead Kansas. The story of the tree is printed below the photograph.


Halstead (Kan.), Harvey County (Kan.), Trees, Landscape pavilions, Parks, Documents, Historical markers


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Kit Carson Tree - Riverside Park - Halstead - Ks - Ruth © The Historic Carson Tree. Away back in the sixties when the trail of the white man was scarcely seen, this old elm tree which has weathered the passing storms of perhaps a thousand years as it majestically stands on the banks of the Black Kettle Creek, was a good shield and shade for roving hunter and his dusky maid, a token, a guide of the plains, and many are the mystic stories that surround its life. At one time it was the admiration and pride of the Arapahoe and Osage Indian hunters, a mark from which the gold seekers, or forty-niners as they were called, measured the hiding place of their gold when trailed by the Indian brigade, and perhaps in days to come some sturdy farmer may unearth a wealth of dust placed their by some brawny hand, which has long since passed away and the distance and the point of compass from the old tree has been forgotten in the droop of years. Here it was that Kit Carson and a band of emigrants were quietly resting from a tiresome march over the plains; they had camped for the night; the carcass of a buffalo lay by the camp


Halstead (Kan.), Harvey County (Kan.), Trees, Landscape pavilions, Parks, Documents, Historical markers


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