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Theresa Adkins


The documentary “Waiting for ‘Superman’” shines a light on many issues in public education. The film was released too much fanfare in late September of 2010. It received a lot of media attention and seemed to get everyone talking about American education and how to fix its problems. NBC’s television networks went so far as to dedicate an entire week of programming to the topic of education. Their “Education Week” aired several town hall meetings and debates with leaders in education. However, “Education Week” ended and with it so ended the mainstream media’s coverage of education reform. I had hoped the DVD release of “Waiting for ‘Superman’” this past February would again provide a spark of awareness to the many challenges that face America’s public education system and allow a wider audience to view this eye opening film. Regretfully, the DVD release without much fanfare, being snubbed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science for a best documentary Oscar nomination didn’t help either. I still believe this is an important film and it can help make substantive changes to our country’s public education system. What follows if my review of two of the films main messages; importance of quality teachers and effectiveness of charter schools.


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