In the research concerning the growth mindset utilized when evaluating academic persistence, Yeager states, “... to achieve, we need more than inborn ability—we need the right mindset. He [Yeager] studies how students and adults feel they belong and are respected, that their work is relevant and purposeful, and that they can overcome setbacks and continue to improve” (Mills). Through Yeager's combined research with other growth mindset researchers such as Carol Dweck and Angela Duckworth, their findings point to the idea that students must be allowed to explore, reflect, and create a level of self-awareness in their abilities to flourish while confronted by challenges to feed the growth mindset. How does one create this environment within an online graduate course? How can graduate students be pushed for rigor but allowed to be learners and explorers through rigorous graduate coursework? This chapter explores educator shifts in support and first-hand accounts of student autonomy and growth based on methods employed in online asynchronous graduate programs.

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Dynamic Curriculum Development and Design Strategies for Effective Online Learning in Higher Education


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