A dramatic shift has statted to take place in the last decade that is having a pronounced impact on how organizations view in/ormation security, Large datacenters and small sen>er rooms alike are being impacted by the development and growth of vittualization and the many beneflis it provides. This essay will examine how hardware vittualization has changed the landscape of datacenter risk management and how organizations must adapt their security posture to those changes_ As mainstream hypen>isors like VMware ESXi, Citrix XenServer, and Microsoft Hyper-V become more affordoble and easier to implement, their use in providing low-cost, high-utilization solutions is steadily becoming an industry standard, even for smaller shops. Organizations must understand how to assess, manage, and mitigate new types of risk unique to vittllalization. By examining the technology behind vittualization, the risks associated with it, and the methods organizations can lise to mitigate and minimize those risks, we will see that vittualization, when implemented properly, can provide a secure, highly beneficial technology on which datacenters can be built.





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