Textbooks are an integral component of the higher education process. However, a great deal of concern about the high costs of col/ege textbooks has been expressed by those inside and Old side of higher education. This paper focuses on the results of a study of the differences in Management and Marketing professors' criteria and use of textbooks and their reactions to some of the changes that have been implemented or may be implemented by universities, state legislatures, and publishers to combat these cost escalation s. Findings suggest thai management and marketing instructors, particularly those with years of experience, acknowledge the concerns their students have over high textbook prices. They are willing to have legislation enacted to force changes in the marketing of the textbooks by publishers, but they do not want university policies that Imdilly (from their perspective) restn'ct their choices for texiS. Nor are they in fa vor of possible publisher cost saving strategies that appear to add administrative burdens on faCility involved in the adoption process.





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