Academic Leadership Journal


Anne Jefferson


January 2010 the Premier of Ontario announced the province was introducing full-day kindergarten as of September 2010. The transition would be over a five year period with 39 schools phasing in full-day learning for four and five year olds at the start of the 2010-2011 school year. What is full-day kindergarten? Miller (2005) provides a clear explanation: “A full-day kindergarten program is a program in which a child attends school each weekday for approximately six hours. Two other types of programs are half-day kindergarten programs, in which the child attends school each weekday for 2½-3 hours in either the morning or the afternoon, and alternate-day kindergarten programs, in which the child attends school every other weekday” (p.1). Up to this point in time, the latter two types of programs were operating in the province of Ontario. So, why the change?



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