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This color printed postcard depicts three illustrations and a black and white photograph of Geo. B. Ross. The portrait is in the lower left side. An illustration of a sunflower is above the portrait. An illustration of the capitol building is in the center and an illustration of cropland and a crest of a farmer plowing is on the right side of the card. Printed text is at the top and bottom of the card. Printed text and handwriting is on the back of the card.

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4"x 5" photographic postcard


Kansas City (Kan.), Wyandotte County (Kan.), Sunflowers, Agriculture--1910-1920, Food adulteration and inspection, Grain


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Rich with alfalfa, corn and wheat, Gleaned form Nature's richest dower - Peerless Kansas on the Plains - Even the sun has kissed our flower. Kansas City, Kans., Sept. 15, 1915. My dear Farmer Friends: - I just want to say to you that The State Board of Agriculture and the State Grain Inspection Department are intensely interested in your success and welfare and the continued upbuilding of one of our greatest agricultural and live stock states. People generally realize and appreciate the fact that much credit is due that Kansas farmer for the great achievements of our state. This is evidenced by the fact that the name "Farmer" attached to any Kansas enterprise now certifies as to its stability. We ask you to co-operate with us in building up these departments to the highest standard efficiency, that we may merit the respect and confidence of other states as well as our own. Yours sincerely, GEO. B. ROSS, Pres. State Board of Agriculture, State Grain Inspector. O. H Harkreader, Arcadia Ks.

Postcard: Message from Geo. B. Ross


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