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This printed color postcard depicts a farmer using a steam combine to plant a crop. The right of the combine features an illustration of green corn on a blue background. The bottom right features a map of Kansas and includes town names and the rivers. The state is colored red with the surrounding states in different colors. The backside of the card is an advertisement for coffee. Ariosa Coffee has created a series of cards available for trading. This particular card is No. 15.

Physical Description

4"x 5" photographic postcard


Kansas, Farming, Advertisements, Coffee--1860-1900, Trading cards, Commercial products


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Area 82,158 sq. miles population 1,690,949, Corn, Agriculture, Kansas. Kansas is bounded by Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Colorado; gross area, 82,158 sq. miles; land area 81,774 sq. miles; water area, 384 sq. miles; capital, Topeka. The principal river is the Kansas, which intersects the State throughout its entire length. The surface of the State is generally flat or undulating. Its altitude above the sea ranges from 750 to 4,000 feet. The soil is exceptionally rich in those mineral substances necessary to support vegetation, and is consequently very fertile. Only a small portion of the State is wooded. The excellent soil of Kansas makes it one of the foremost agricultural States. About 35,000,000 acres of prairies lands are devoted to grazing purposes. The meat business is an important industry. The principal farm crops are corn, wheat, hay, oats, potatoes, barley, and rye. The principal minerals are lead, zinc, bituminous coal, petroleum, gas, salt, gypsum, chalk, and lignite. Arbuckles’ Coffee is always full weight-16 ounces to the pound. It comes to you fresh, with its full strength, protected from moisture and store odors. The winters of Kansas are comparatively mild, and the summers warm but not oppressive, and the atmosphere extraordinarily pure and clear at all seasons. Population in 1910, 885,912 males and 805,037 females, of whom 1,555,499 were of native and 135,450 of foreign birth; white 1,634,253; Negro, 54,030, Indian, 2,444; Chinese, 16; Japanese, 107. Total population 1,690,949. This is one of a series of 54 cards.

Postcard: Agriculture, Advertisement for Arbuckle's Ariosa Coffee