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This black and white photographic postcard depicts an image of a jug made out of cement. It has a rough appearance of concrete. The background is gray. Handwritten text is at the top of the card. Printed text is on the back of the card.

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4"x 5" photographic postcard


Lucas (Kan.), Russell County (Kan.), Dinsmoor, Samuel Perry, 1843-1932, Containers, Drinking vessels, Pitchers


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Cement Jug in Cabin Home S.P. Dinsmoor Lucas Kan. Compliments from "The Cabin Home" in the "Garden of Eden" The first story, or basement, is built common sense stone wall. The floors, base boards and window stools are cement. The second story is built with stone logs on the old log cabin style. All the logs reach full length except five. The gables are built up with cement logs, on the log gable style. The two upper stories are studded, lathed and plastered. The house is finished inside white coat and natural wood. Over 3,000 feet of pressed molding was used on the inside. There are eleven rooms besides the bathroom, three halls, 2 closets, with cave and light plant under back porch. The porches, walks, fence, strawberry bed (with 208 plants) fish pool (filled with fish), grape arbor, Stars and Stripes, trees, stumps, the devil, snakes and other things are made with cement, no wood used. Over 43 1/2 tons, or 873 sacks, of cement have been used. The Garden on the west represents the creation and fall of man according to Moses. The front, or north, represents modern civilization, how one animal preys on another down to the little worm. There are 8 cement trees from 30 to 38 feet high, lighted with 19 electric lights; 13 trees are from 8 to 20 feet tall for the grape arbor, flag, rambling rose and devil to stand on.. The most unique home on earth. Now, 1915. Looking for a Park. S. P. Dinsmoor, Lucas, Kansas.

Postcard: Cement Jug In Cabin Home, S.P. Dinsmoor, Lucas, Kansas Slightly Crooked


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