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This black and white photographic postcard features a coffin on the ground. The lid lies next to the coffin with an crest and the name "Dinsmoor" on it. S. P. Dinsmoor stands behind the coffin looking down into it. He is wearing a suit and has a beard. A fence and bushes are in the background and the side of a house is in the foreground. Writing is on the top and bottom of the card. There is printed text on the back of the card.

Physical Description

4"x 5" photographic postcard


Lucas (Kan.), Russell County (Kan.), Dinsmoor, Samuel Perry, 1843-1932, Garden of Eden (Lucas, ( Kan.), Attractions, Installations (Art), Coffins


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In Garden of Eden Lucas Kan. Compliments. This coffin is made over a screen of reinforced No. 6 wire and half-inch iron, the handles have 5-8 iron running full length, fastened to coffin with No. 6 wire. The plate glass (under the little lid with the square, compass and trowel) is fastened to screen with No. 6 wire. All cemented over with white cement and sand. Inside around the top of lower box are wires to fasten up the lining. I have told my kids “to see that the wires are bent back so they will not stick me.” If they did, I would think there were bugs in there. When I quit breathing, my body will be embalmed, placed in this coffin. The large lid cemented down by running cement around in the groove, the little lid (with square, compass and trowel) placed on coffin near the foot, then put in a nick in the wall inside my mausoleum, with my cement jug placed at the foot and a large plate glass placed in the groove in front and sealed up. This is where and the way I expect to go, I never joke. It seems to me that people buried in wooden and iron boxes will be frying and burning up the resurrection morn. How will they get out when this world is on fire? Cement will not stand fire, the glass will break. This cement lid will fly open and I will sail out like a locust. If I get to go up I have a cement angel outside above the door, to take me up. If I have to go below, I have a splendid well of water beside my mausoleum. My jug will be handy; I’ll grab my jug fill it with water and slide; they need water below. S. P. Dinsmoor.

Postcard: In Garden of Eden, Lucas Kansas with Print on Back


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