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This black and white printed postcard depicts an order confirmation of a monograph. A $10.00 credit is indicated with a handwritten total on the left side. Stamped text indicates received payment in red ink. The right side depicts a description of the monograph in black text. The back side of the postcard contains printed text and a handwritten name and address.

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4"x 5" photographic postcard


Philadelphia (Pa.), Health facilities, Doctors, Catalogs, Forms (Documents), Books, Advertisements


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F. A. Davis Company 1914-16 Cherry Street Philadelphia, PA. $10.00 has this date been placed to your credit. Accept our thanks for your remittance. Every customer must be satisfied. Send for our new catalogue to-day. Infantile paralysis a complete monograph Henry W. Frauenthal, A.C. M.D., is frequently consulted by prominent Pediatrists in New York and throughout the country. He is Surgeon and Physician-in-Chief at the New York Hospital for Deformities and Joint Diseases, in which more than 100 cases are seen daily. With Dr. Jacolyn Van Vliet Manning's assistance he has written "A Manual of Infantile Paralysis with Modern Methods of Treatment, Including Reports Based on the Treatment of Three Thousand Cases." 374 pages. 128 Engravings. Royal Octavo. Contaings Full details of all treatments of the various forms of Poliomyelitis. All the existing data as to Etiology and Pathology. Complete diagnosis, including differential diagnosis. Thorough information regarding epidemic appearance. Specific data with as few technical terms as possible. Ten Days' Examination F. A. Davis Company 1914-16 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA. 191 Gentlemen: - You may send Drs. Frauenthal and Manning's book, all charges prepaid, with the understanding that I will return it as your expense within 10 days, unless I decide to purchase it, in which even I will send the price, $3.00 Name Address Dr. R. S. Topping 11 Roseville Ave. Newark, N.J.

Postcard: Received Payment to F. A. Davis Company


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