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A letter with advice from Linn to his brother, Jason, on whether or not to come to Kansas. Linn writes about how one can make as much money in a few years in Kansas, as one would make in a lifetime in Vermont.

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Batchelor KS, Aug 23rd 1866 Dear Brother Jason Your very kind and welcome letter of the 16th was recd on the the 21st and I will improve this the first possible time to answer it, I'm so glad to learn that your health is on the move for the better and with yourself certain by hope that it may continue to do so. (Top of left side of the page) If your health is poor you should have a horse unless you brought your bird with you ready for the cage & it would be a poor place for you in KS don't think of coming here for fun. If you come to Kansas make up your mind that your sporting days are over. That means you are a going to steady down and do something that you will be industrious. If you come, come expecting to work hard and lay out your money, make money if will do this with good health and a good house-keeper you can make it pay well with the right management one can in a few years be worth as much as they can in Vermont in a lifetime. That is a good farm with buildings, teams & tools, a big stock of cattle. I wish that bounty money right away was intending to send the power of attorney but think it is not necessary there is I think according to act of Congress due me $200 (top of right side of paper) two hundred dollars. I want the whole and not part of it leave it with some reliable attorney say S. S. Pike if he does that kind of business. What about that money in Franklin Bank. I wish for it the first opportunity if take a claim I want all the money that I can raise should have six or eight hundred dollars to start a good team. Now write immediately and let me know what you think of what I have sayed. Linn (PS) Many thanks for the papers. (Top of left side of paper) In regard to your coming west I hardly know what to advise. The [illegible] says there is no use of a man coming here to work out for he can do better there but if one wants to get him a home will pitch in to work and keep at it be prudent and industrious (if he is a [illegible]) he can make more here in ten years then he can there in thirty, but as you have come to me for advice I shall be frank with you let us understand each other I don't wish you to come be so disappointed as I found myself a year ago last spring the by tales of Geo. Whiting. That was (Top of right side of paper) Why I could never have been contented to stay in northern Illinois In regard to the [illegible] there are a good many complaining just at this time but KS is not considered a [illegible] if your constitution is good not broke if you are not to billing the [illegible] is of no account that is [illegible] not missed it. With me the justice is what is your object how would you manage what you think of going at what of father & mother our parents certainly have a claim on us which in their declining years must not be forgotten is it for me circumstances seem to say the contrary at present you are with them Batcheller Kan Aug 23 Mr. Jason A. French Esq Johnson Lamoile Vermont

Letter written by Linn French to his brother Jason French


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