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Reta Gimple



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A published pamphlet with several poems and printed as a gift from Reta Gimple to her students. The names of the students and the school board are also listed.

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One pamphlet; 7" x 5.5"


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[Right side] With this souvenir of the school year now closing, your teacher wishes you success and happiness through all the years to come [Left side] Printed in the U.S.A. by F. A. Owen Pub Co., Dansville, N.Y. [Left side] Picture of school house and school children [Right side] This Souvenir of the school year now closing is presented to you with the best wishes of your teacher May it serve in the years to come as a pleasant reminder of your schoolday associations [Left Side] At School Close The end has come, as come it must To all things; in these sweet June days The teacher and the scholar trust Their parting feet to separate ways They part: but in the years to be Shall pleasant memories cling to each, As shells bear inland from the sea The murmur of the rhythmic beach. Her little realm the teacher leaves, She breaks her wand of power apart, While, for your love and trust, she gives The warm thanks of a grateful heart. Hers is the sober summer noon Contrasted with your morn of spring; The waning with the waxing moon, The folded with the outspread wing. Across the distance of the years She send her God-speed back to you; She has no thought of doubts or fears; Be but yourselves, be pure, be true, And prompt in duty; heed the deep, Low voice of conscience; through the ill And discord round about you, keep Your faith in human nature still. And, when the world shall link your names With gracious lives and manners fine, The teacher shall assert her claims, And proudly whisper, There were mine! --John G. Whittier. {Right Side} Give Your Best There are loyal hearts, there are spirits brave, There are souls that are pure and true; Then give to the world the best you have, And the best will come back to you. Give love, and love to your life will flow, A strength in your utmost need; Have faith, and a score of hearts will show Their faith in your word and deed. Give truth, and you gift will be paid in kind; And honor will honor meet, And the smile which is sweet will surely find A smile that is just as sweet. For life is the mirror of king and slave; ˜Tis just what we are and do; Then give to the world the best you have, And the best will come back to you. --Madeline S. Bridges. [Left Side] Middle Branch District No. 137 Ionia Twp., Jewell Co., Kansas April 22, 1932 Reta Gimple, Teacher School Board Claude Cortner Clerk Chas. Thomas Director Ira Beeler Treasurer [Right Side] Pupils First Grade Phyllis Bossen Lucille Maag Claude Railsback Leroy Railsback Second Grade Lawrence Bossen Fourth Grade Wilma Thomas Seventh Grade Grant Berry [Left Side] My Gift I SHOULD like to send you a sunbeam, Or the twinkle of some bright star, Or a tiny piece of a downy fleece, That clings to a cloud afar. I should like to send you the essence Of a myriad sun-kissed flowers, Or the lilting song that floats along Of a brook through fairy bowers. I should like to send you the dewdrops, That glisten at break of day, And then at night, the eerie light That mantles the milky way. I should like to send you the power That nothing can overthrow, The power to smile and laugh the while As journeying through life you go. But these are mere fanciful wishes. I'll send you a God-speed instead, And I'll clasp your hand and you'll understand The things I have left unsaid. [Right Side] Your Mission If you cannot on the ocean Sail among the swiftest fleet, Rocking on the highest billows, Laughing at the storms you meet, You can stand among the sailors, Anchored yet within the bay, You can lend a hand to help them, As they launch their boats away. If you cannot in the conflict, Prove yourself a soldier true, If where fire and smoke are thickest, There's no work for you to do, When the battle-field is silent, You can go with careful tread, You can bear away the wounded, You can cover up the dead. Do not then stand idly waiting For some greater work to do, Fortune is a lazy goddess, She will never come to you. Go and toil in any vineyard, Do not fear to do or dare, If you want a field of labor, You can find it anywhere. Ellen H. Gates. Better Than Gold BETTER than grandeur, better than gold, Than rank and titles, a thousand fold, Is a healthy body and a mind at ease, And simple pleasures that always please; -- A heart that can feel for another's woe, And share his joys with a genial glow, With sympathies large enough to infold All men as brothers, is better than gold. Better than gold is a conscience clear, Though toiling for bread in a humble sphere; Doubly blessed with content and health, Untried by the lusts or cares of wealth; Lowly living and lofty thought Adorn and ennoble a poor man's cot; For mind and morals, in Nature's plan, Are the genuine test of a gentleman. Better than gold is a thinking mind That in the realm of books can find A treasure surpassing Australian ore, And live with the great and good of yore. The sage's lore, and the poet's lay, The Glories of empires passed away, The world's great drama, will thus unfold, And yield a pleasure better than gold. -Alexander Smart.

Pamphlet from Reta Gimple to her school children


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