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Mary writes about coaching her first play and the other plays that had been or will be presented at the school. She also mentions some items she read about in newspapers, including the merger of Missouri Wesleyan into Baker University.

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Trousdale, Kansas April 22 Dear Neil “ Your letter arrived when I was I in the midst of coaching my first play. The seniors gave their play on the tenth of April. It being my first attempt at that sort of thing I was a little nervous about it and a couple of the boys just wouldn't learn their parts until the very last minute. The play went over well, though, and I had a great feeling of relief when it was over. Last Friday night the Juniors gave their play. I acted as prompter for them and helped make them up. And next week we are to have practices every night on the crowning dramatic event of the year “ the faculty play. I think everybody for miles around is planning to come to see that! It will be coached by the Superintendent who has had quite a little experience in college dramatics. I am to take the part of a widow of forty who tries to act much younger. She has talked three husbands to death and is looking for a fourth victim. She finds him, too! I think its going to be lots of fun. And beside the faculty play, in the five weeks of school remaining we are to have an all-school play, a May fete, a Junior High operetta, two or three track meets and all of the usual Commencement affairs “ including a Senior sneak day, which, I suppose I will have to chaperone. Mother is planning to come out to see me the first week of May. I think she will enjoy the trip as this is a very beautiful country in the spring. However, I still think I like the hills and trees better. This country is so level, and the wheat fields are pretty and green. I do wish the leaves would hurry and come out. They haven't started yet. How did your April Fool correspondence come out? I hope you got caught “ so there! I'll bet I wouldn't have needed more than three guesses if I had been there and I'll bet some of those Q. U. girls are good guessers, too. It seems to me that I remember something about a visit to Q.U. on April First last year, and a box of candy that was left there by someone about your size. I spent that day in Harper, Kansas, at the home of Miss Fulton, the English teacher. I didn't get fooled once. We were very thankful it wasn't a school day, however. And we didn't receive any comic valentines this year because Valentine's Day came during one of our numerous snow vacations. I suppose we will not be so fortunate another year. The youngsters do so love to get something on their teachers. Yes, I read in the Orange that Dick Garrett has pledged and I surely was surprised I saw Lane Edward's picture in the Kansas City paper one day this week, with a nice write-up of the work he is to take up next year. I also saw in the paper that work has been started on the new stadium. I didn't suppose they were going to begin so soon. I wonder how much the merger with Missouri Wesleyan will increase Baker's enrollment. We have been drawing a number of students from that territory. I feel rather sorry for M. W.'s alumni. I should think they would feel rather like orphans as far as their alma mater is concerned. That wasn't the school where you acquired your many wives, was it? Wasn't that Central Wesleyan? I suppose the seniors are getting anxious about jobs for next year. We will have four new teachers here, three of whom have been chosen. I have been invited back with an increase in salary and present indications are that I'll be back. I really have enjoyed my year out here and I've surely gained a lot of valuable experience. I'll be glad of an opportunity to try out some of my newly acquired theories next year. I haven't heard from Katherine for a long time. I get the Orange about every other week and I find quite a little news in that. The school also receives the Orange, so sometimes when mine fails to arrive I can get hold of the library copy. What do you think of the new political System? Do you think it will work, or will it drift back into the old combine system? The Orange seems very hopeful about it. I see that the grading system has been changed. That will just about do away with the time-honored H , won't it? And John Staugh is married, so the News-Bulletin says. What else has happened, of interest? Give my regards to your folks. I surely am sorry Norma is having such a time. Sincerely, Mary Mr. Mac Neil Lockwood, Baldwin City, Kansas Box 475 Cancellation stamp has Trousdale, Kans. Apr 23 1928

Letter from Mary to Neil Lockwood


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