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Helen M. Cook



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Helen Cook writes about her teaching job and mentions the having rain that day.

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Dear Maud Shore: Such a salutation! But really Miss Shore I mean it. Oh how I would like to see your ever pleasant face. My school work is running nicely. I am teaching at home, we have 4 teachers all have gone to school in Emporia and all are Methodists except one, but she is a Protestant. Ethel Fritz is our Supt. Miss Fritz is a splendid woman (partly because she was in your S. S. class at one time). We had the nicest rain To-day and this evening, and I believe the roads are just fine for making mud pies. Don't I write like a boy? I have been my daddies right hand man since Ray went to Emporia. Have you seen him yet. He is going to enlist about the first of Oct. Is Miss Knowles and Miss Everly in school this winter? I certainly thot they were fine girls. I am dressed “ not for a picture but, for bed and my feet are getting cold, so irf I don't say very much in this letter, you will understand the reason. I saw Nellie Clark & Hazel Wilcoxson a few days ago and rec'd a letter from Ethel Hamlin yesterday. She is at Whiting this winter. Miss Fritz lives at Whiting. Did you enjoy your vacation? Were you at home all the time? Give my regards to all the librarians Mess Boles, Harriet, Dorothy, Charlotte, Miss Huffman and Miss Cross and Miss Parker. I don't expect they remember me, but I Shall never forget how good they all were when ever I wanted a book. Miss Shore I should be very glad to hear from you if you ever have time to write. I am Sincerely, Helen M. Cook Rock Creek, Kans. Sept. 15, 1918 Miss Maud E. Shore Emporia Kans. 1124 Mechanic DPO Jefferson County 2.50 Cancellation stamp has: Rock Creek Kans. Sep 16 1918 Helen M. Cook, Rock Creek, Kans.

Letter from Helen Cook to Maud Shore


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