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A souvenir booklet that was given to students of Rock Hill School in Wells, Kansas at the end of the school year in 1918. Contains the name of the teacher and the names of the students and school board members.

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Booklet is 7.1" x 5.5"


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Best Wishes With pleasant memories of happy days spent together in the schoolroom this souvenir is presented to you with the best wishes of your teacher. Lest we forget our school associations this souvenir with best wishes is presented to you by your teacher Rock Hill School, Dist. No. 91 Richland Twp., Wells, Kans. 1918 Ethel Henderson, Teacher School Board Chas. Heck, Director ™s Clerk Albert Hansen, Treasurer Mrs. Kate Standan, Director Pupils Primary Grade Marion Monasmith Darrel Kelsey Lavine Heck First Grade Lottie Kelsey Laura Heck Third Grade Fern Hansen Ellen Heck Leonard Kuhlmann Geneve Monasmith Arnetta Heck Roy Williams Fifth Grade Mamie Kelsey Blenda Kuhlmann Seventh Grade Paul Standan Pauline Standan Eighth Grade Glena Windhorst Rachel Monasmith Ninth Grade Virgil Hanson Fred Standon Clarence Myers Everett Kelsey A Farewell Message Meetings and greetings and partings-They come to us one and all, They come to the man, they come to the maid, They come to children small. The meetings and greetings we hail with joy, But partings make sad the way; So we put off farewells as long as we can, And good-byes we dread to say. But good-bye just means God bless you, And that ™s what I ™m saying to you, -- God bless you, my boy, God bless you, my girl, And guide you in all that you do. May the lessons you've learned in your school days here Be such that shall help you to grow To manhood and womanhood brave and strong To meet all life ™s storms as they blow. By the best of success may your efforts be crowned, Rich blessings to your to the end; And each day, I pray you, wherever you are Remember your teacher and friend.

Souvenir booklet for students from Rock Hill School, District 91 in Wells, Kansas


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