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A letter from Democrat William H. Thompson who was running for United States Senator against the Governor of Kansas, Walter Stubbs, asking for names of people that might support him in his campaign. William Thompson ended up winning the election, and he represented Kansas from 1913-1919. An ad for his campaign is also included.

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Headquarters New England Building Topeka, Kans. William H. Thompson for United States Senator Mr. W. Knaus, McPherson, Kas. Chairman Dem. Co. Cen. Com. Cancellation stamp has: Garden City Kans Sep 29 8 “ PM 1912 Picture of rabbit with words underneath: Run First and Crow Afterwards A Deadly Parallel Answer to Dooley's challenge for comparison of public service of Senatorial candidates Wm. H. Thompson Democratic Candidate At age 16 (1887) Deputy Register Nemaha County At age 18 (1889) Deputy Treasurer Nemaha County At age 20 (1891-94) Court Reporter 22nd District At age 22 (1894) Admitted to the Bar. At age 25 (1897 1901) Clerk Kansas Court of Appeals At age 35 (1906) Elected Judge 32nd District At age 39 (1910) Re-elected Judge 32nd District At age 40 (1912) Nominated for United States Senator by the Democratic Party W. R. Stubbs Republican(?) Candidate So busy making money to become a millionaire, that he neglected the greatest duty of citizenship, according to his own statements, by having failed to even vote before he was 40 years old. H. S. Martin, Chairman Dem. State Com.

Letter from William H. Thompson to Mr. W. Knaus

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