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A program for the 1908 Commencement of Nemaha County school graduates; lists the names of the graduates and which school they are graduating from.

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[Left Side] Nemaha County Common School Graduates 1908 Motto: Right Will Win. Colors: Pink and Green 110 Graduates SABETHA Mabel Sarah Shipman .18 Floyd M. Wyland 18 Harrison Kerr .18 Lena Christman 18 Hester M. Myers 20 Paul Robinson 25 Nan Kehler 39 Lola Hatfield 75 Daryl Thompson 75 Verna Swan 78 Minnie Swan 78 Lydia Helkes 78 Harold Shackleton 78 Augusta Swan 78 Frank Specht 78 Robert Ruse 108 Pearl Haxton 108 Lloyd Smith 1NB Harry A. Moore 1NB Alice Sammons 1NB Clair Sammons 1NB Florence Kimmel 1NB Louis Fulton 1NB Jessie Phillips Alice Garver CORNING Oliver McNeill 44 Florence Alexander 44 Lula B. Andrews 44 Floyd Peck 44 Charlotte Newlove 44 Blanche Blisner 44 Clyde H. Tietz 44 Harry Stahn 44 Earle Robinson 44 Chester Kipple 44 Morna Conrad 50 Elmer Jorden 50 WETMORE Elva B. Hutson 13 Ruby O ™Donnell 13 Myrtle Smith 57 Margaret May DeForest 1NJ Imogene Housden 1NJ Forman DeForest 1NJ Victor A. Massenge 1NJ Lorena Juanita Mell 1NJ Delbert Dicks 6NB Verne Loveless 6NB Helen Crandall 6NB Gladys Pollard 6NB Freddie Achten 6NB Eleanor Russell [Right Side] BAILEYVILLE Merrill Schlaegel 3 Roy Waggoner 27 Teresa Koelzer 27 Louis Oenbring 27 Sidney J. Sigler 94 Clarence Sigler 94 Ada Thomas 101 ONAGA Rolland Labbe 5NP CIRCLEVILLE Anna Stroud ONEIDA Coy E. Rule 38 Hazel Barnett 54 Mae H. Sparling 87 Ruby Sausser 87 Ezra John Callahan 87 Judd Campbell 87 Abbie Bell 87 Charley Coleman 87 Everett Conwell 90 Ethel Cooper 99 Charles Shimp 103 Tracy Ridgway SENECA Franklin Parnell 4 Charles W. Jones 4 Clifford Baldwin 11 Glen Harvey 11 Edward Rogers 28 Sarah Nowak 65 William Hearne 65 Katie Badesheim 115 BANCROFT Myrtleyn Tharpe 72 Nora Farley 2BG Ada Wilcox 2BG Lilian Oliver 2BG Otis Jones 2BG Sarah Evens 2BG Lulu Law 2BG Veva Holt 2BG Lena Law 2BG GOFF Jessie Dorste 49 Harry Allen 7 Lily Patch 86 Florence Bickel 86 Keith R. Charles 86 Mary Springer 86 ONTARIO Ellen Brown 2NJ Clifford Wade 2NJ Zetta Williams 2NJ Ruth Connelly 2NJ 1908 Commencement Exercises Court House Seneca, Kansas July the 13th Milton Poland County Supt 1908 Commencement Exercises Court House Seneca, Kansas July the 13th Milton Poland County Supt [Left Side] CENTRALIA Lonnie Coleman 45 Cassie M. Meek 81 Robert Markham Lizzie Myers BERN Sophia McQuillen 92 Martha Strube 92 AXTELL Edythe Pierson 17 VERMILLION Dallas Williams 67 Mildred A. Mesmer INM KELLY Parley W. Dennis 112 RANK 1 Helen Crandall 6NB 2 Charles W. Jones 4 3 Nan Kehler 39 4 Edward Rogers 28 5 Gladys Pollard 6NB 6 Martha Strube 92 Delbert Dicks 6NB 7 Keith R. Charles 86 8 Lola Hatfield 75 Jessie Phillips 9 Florence Kimmel 1NB 10 Harrison Kerr 18 11 Morna Conrad 50 12 Verne Loveless 6NB 13 Margaret May DeForest INJ 14 Louis Oenbring..27 Ada Thomas 101 15 Tracy Ridgway 16 Teresa Koelzer 27 Lydia Heikes 78 17 Lena Christmas 18 18 Augusta Swan 78 19 Otis Jones 2BG 20 Eleanor Russell 21 Charley Coleman 87 22 Sarah Nowak 65 23 William Hearne 65 24 Ruby O'Donnell 13 25 Franklin Parnell 4 26 Parley W. Dennis 112 27 Hazel Barnett 54 Edythe Pierson 17 Louis Fulton 6NB 28 Hester M. Myers 20 29 Cassie M. Meek 81 30 Elmer Jorden 50 31 Nora Farley 2BG 32 Pearl Haxton 108 Baker University offers a free scholarship to the one ranking the highest in the Nemaha County Diploma Examination for this year and next. [Right side] The busy world shoves angrily aside The man who stands with arms akimbo set. Until occasion tells him what to do; And he who waits to have his task marked out Shall die and leave his errand unfulfilled. James Russell Lowell [Left side] The Sabetha Herald Print [Right side] 5.00 SRW [Left side] Programme Common School Commencement Court House July 13, 1908, 2:30 P. M. Invocation “ Rev. W. C. Wheeler Piano Solo “ Miss Elizabeth Hill Oration, The Aim of Our Schools “ Glen Harvey Oration, Inventions and Discoveries “ Lula B. Andrews Recitation, Selected “ Cassie M. Meek Oration, Our Flag “ William Hearne Essay, Cultivate Cheerfulness “ Jessie L. Phillips Vocal Solo, Selected “ Margaret May DeForest Oration, Faith, Hope, and Charity “ Otis Jones Oration, Little Things “ Clifford Baldwin Essay, Farm Life “ Martha Strube Recitation, The Teacher ™s Dream “ Charley Coleman Oration, Stepping Stones to Success “ Charles W. Jones Violin Duet “ Mrs. B. E. Seaver, Miss Ruth Collins Address “ State Superintendent E. T. Fairchild Presentation of Diplomas “ Superintendent Milton Poland Piano Solo “ Miss Georgia Herslet Benediction “ Rev. J. B. Vernon [Right side] Alumni Banquet Congregational Church, 8:00 P.M. July 13, 1908 Pipe Organ Solo “ Miss Lillian Mason Response from the Class of 1889 “ Prof. Benjamin Miller Response from the Class of 1890 “ James L. Sourk Response from the Class of 1891 “ George Allen, Jr. Response from the Class of 1892 “ Lowell Funk Response from the Class of 1893 “ Mabel Wileman Response from the Class of 1894 “ A. B. Huerter Response from the Class of 1895 “ Mrs. Virgil Benedict Response from the Class of 1896 “ Caroline Eisenbarth Response from the Class of 1897 “ Mrs. Ruth Conover Response from the Class of 1898 “ Etha M. Lytle Response from the Class of 1899 “ Elizabeth Hilt Response from the Class of 1900 “ Myrtle I Coleman Response from the Class of 1901 “ Susie Sammons Response from the Class of 1902 “ Emma Nohl Response from the Class of 1903 “ Pearl Ruse Response from the Class of 1904 “ Alice Rogers Response from the Class of 1905 “ Altha Johnstone Response from the Class of 1906 “ Mary Anderson Response from the Class of 1907 “ Blanche Shimp Response, Work, Well Done 1908 “ Helen Crandall Seneca Sextette “ Misses Christine Snyder, Fredrica Bergen, Lillian Mason, Lillian Mathews, Helen Hale, Nellie Young

Program for the 1908 Commencement Exercises in Seneca, Kansas


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