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A letter to Mrs. Maria Webb from her sister, Mary, in which Mary writes about company she has had, health issues of people in her family, and picking and canning fruit.

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Baldwin Kan June 13, 1898 My dear Sister I have been wondering why we do not hear from you. Are you not able to write? I have been intending to write for some time but have still waited hoping to hear from you. We had company during commencement, Mary Roberts and May Collins, and a lot of the time two or three others, besides our nine boarders but the last ones left last Saturday week ago and then we had to scurry around to get May and Mary ready to go Institute, May started to Topeka this morning, Mary will go Wednesday she thinks now. She and I have had very bad colds since before commencement began, and she is waiting to get better before she goes to the Institute. We got some medicine from the Doctor last week, she is some better but she coughs a good deal yet. Mary will go to Lawrence and then try to get a school in this county. May likes Shawnee County better and she has the promise of the same school again she told them she would take it if she did not get one where she could get more than they felt able to pay. I do hope they will all get schools this year. 2 We had a letter from Jameson last week. We think some one must have been talking to him about buying the place, for he said that land was coming up and he thought he could sell it if we would sell it for a reasonable prince. He did not say what he thought that would be. I supposed some one had been talking to him about it, if they could get it at a low price but we have not engaged him to sell it, and have not written to him We sent another payment of interest to Bodenhaus last month, and expect to pay our half of the taxes this week, and we are not in favor of selling at any less than we have asked for it. At any rate for awhile, I think we can get what we have been asking if we wait longer. Amanda picked strawberries last week for half till we put up fifteen quarts and had all we wanted to eat. There are quite a good many berries and cherries around here and we want to put up all we can for it seems now like apples will be scare and there are not so many peaches as there were last year. We have fourteen quarts of peaches yet and over forty quarts of blackberries that we put up last year, and I think there has not been a day but we have had some kind of fruit in the whole year. Are you going to have any fruit? 3 Did we write to you about Sister Lydia's heath? She had rheumatism so bad and she went to a Doctor and was examined, she had been having such bad spells with her heart that they thought she would die. The Doctor said there was water gathering around her heart and that she could not be cured, but he could give her something to relieve her. She is going to him every week, but said she wanted to stop but Jac and the children wanted her to go on and so she was going, in the last letter she said she was better. When she first wrote about it she said she was liable to be taken any But for me not to worry about her. She thought she would come up here this summer but they lost their hogs and I suppose she will not get to come now anyway. Clara wanted her to go to Colorado, but she said she could not leave Jac. We rather expect Ovid & Nora next week after the children they are very anxious for them to come. Myra's face sometime seems a little better and then it is not so well, she is taking Hoods Sarsaparilla all the time now. I have not been so well for some time, but hope I will be better when I get rid of this cold. I hope this will find you well, give my regards to the neighbors and Will, and if you are able write to us soon, and accept the love of you sister, Mary. Mrs. Maria A. Webb Millwood, Kansas Cancellation stamp has: Baldwin Kans June 13 1898

Letter to Maria Webb from her sister Mary


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