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A letter from Earl LaForge to his cousin, Abbie Madison, in which he writes about various topics and asks questions of Abbie.

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Sedowa, Kan. April 4th 96 Miss Abbie Madison Grant Wis. Dear Cousin I guess you think I have forgotten you but I have not I have been waiting to send you one of my pictures but I can't wait any longer and as there is no more show of getting my pictures taken than there was I guess I will write. We are all well as [illegible] mother has been sick but is some better now We are having some fine weather now most all the farmers are planting corn. It is an awful Busy time here now. There is going to be lots of fruit here this year if nothing happens Peaches are all in bloom I will send you a few [illegible] Are there any peaches in Wis.? Is Ida LaForge at home now? I got a letter from her some time ago and she said she was going away. She has never told me about her fellow, Who is he? How is your chum getting on? My chum has gone and left me he is in Topeka [illegible] state. It is lonesome since he left for he was the only boy around here I cared much about. Nellies folks are all well she and mother has gone to town To day and I am left at home to work in the garden but I had rather write to you & tell your sister if she wants one of my pictures she had better write to me so I will know who she is I would like to have hear to the entertainment the last day of your school. How is Nettie LaForge? The next time you write tell Ada and the children they had better keep still or they will hear from me. You said you was going to have a fellow come to see you the night of the 21st of Feb. Who was he? I wish it had been me instead of some other fellow. My sister Nellie wants you to write to her What is Uncle Will's oldest son's name? Do you think if I should come up there that I could find me a girl if you do I will sure be there for I can't find one out here they all know me to well My last girl the one I thought was solid gave me the G. B. last Sunday don't you feel sorry for me I guess I must go and fix that garden for the old woman will be home before long and then I will catch fits so good by for this time I remain as ever your ugly cousin Earl LaForge Miss Abbie Madison Grant Wis Sedowa Kan 4/6/96 Unreadable cancellation stamps

Letter from a man to his cousin


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