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The male writer, Blair, writes about how important music is to her, and also offers some relationship advice to his friend, Ida.

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Adams House. Mrs. Mary A. Adams, Proprietor. Waterville, Kas., Sept 8th 1889 Dear Ida This is my off day. I have been laying around doing nothing this morning until I feel real stupid. I received your letters both of them and I do not know what I would do with out them. The prospects that you have and that I had reference to are the prospects of studying music in Boston and perhaps Germany. You will smile perhaps at the idea but nothing is impossible with the ability and determination that you have. You see I fully realize that music is my greatest Rival and what makes it greater than any person would be, is the fact I can say nothing against it. I can simply acknowledge that it is my superior. As far as your experience with J. is concerned, I will admit there is something about that I do not understand, of course I know comparatively nothing about it. But I can not understand where there could be anything in common between you. He has no real depth and is incapable of loving as you can and will lose somebody. What he calls love is what you would call Friendship, and he will never experience the deep feeling that you are capable of. We can have a great many friend that we think a great deal of. I believe I have a few of the best friends a person was ever blessed with among them is The Burr family, the Pincher family, the Gilluli family and Arthur Ridgway. Could anybody select any better friends? No, I was sure they could not. And I love them all. But. It is different you know. But my mind wanders. I will try and get back to the letter again. If that letter had the effect you spoke of I am glad I wrote. I wish I could write another that could have the same effect but I am afraid this one will counteract the effect of the other. As for trusting any one is concerned, Ida, we men are all frauds and are neither what we would like to be or what we think we are. But with God's help I will try to be a man that you will not only love but be proud of. I am not through, but I must stop in order to get this on the train. I will write again soon. Yours Blair Over I will be in Washington Monday & Tuesday Clifton We & Thursday [illegible] Adams House Mrs. M. A. Adams, Prop. Waterville, Kas. Miss Ida R. Burr Lawrence Kansas Cancellation stamp has Atch & Le? R. P. O. Sep 8 1889 Writing on side of envelope: September 8, 1889. Cancellation stamp has Lawrence Kan. Recd. Sep 8

Letter to Ida Burr from Blair


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