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The letter has details about a man's accident in the mill and a photograph that was given to the letter writer.

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Marietts address is [illegible] Dixon Co Neb Americus Kansas Nov. 5th 1888 Dear Br & Sister & all I recevd yours & as glad to hear that you had safely returned from your pleasure trip. So many accidents occur on the RR now that I felt uneasy about you after I reced Mary's letter stating she had not heard from you I was sorry to hear of Br Walters poor health I too have not been well much of the time for 3 or 4 years can do but little work Morris is in the Milling business was taking down the boiler to have it repaired It stiffened some way and fell against him & down his left leg bruising it severely it was more than a week ago & he is very lame yet. Dry weather continues Adelbert was here a few days ago said he had a letter from Clarence He is married & has 1 child Uncle Denny Is with him you write to A & he will give you their address had forgotten it when here. We are in receipt of a beautiful photo of [illegible] T.O. with several persons in front of Orvis & Jennie little Mary & Walter among them plainly distinguished such lovely evergreens in the background & team of horses & lumber wagon with several persons in & around it completed the picture I suppose Nellie has written that the children went to Washington territory last spring John is from there. Considerable sickness & several deaths we are mercifully spared thus far for which we are very thankful I do wish I could see you & yours once but don't expect to we have not hear from Mariett in a long time her limb was very bad & health poorly I am anxious to get your [illegible]love from all to all from your sis with love & good wishes Anvanett Mr. Demas H Higgins Belvidere Boone Co Ill Cancellation stamp has Americus Kas Nov 6 1888 12 AM Cancellation stamp has Belvidere Ill Nov 8 1888

Letter from a woman in Americus, Kansas to her brother and sister in Illinois


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