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A letter from Mr. Williams to his sister in which he writes about various things such as the weather and grammar.

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Hotel Coolidge, H. C. Whitley, Proprietor Rates, $2.00 and $2.50 Per Day, According To Location of the Room Emporia, Kans., Feby 13th 1886 Mrs. Lizzie Shaffer At Home Kind Sister - Your interesting letter of the 8th just rec'd today. Was glad to hear from you as I have not heard from home for quite awhile. You all owe me a letter & I was determined not to write until I heard from some of you. Nothing good to write. Weather has been extremely bad & I have been awfully busy adjusting losses. Which I am giving my entire time have [illegible] with West next week I have to telegraph my Co. [illegible] might when I will be the next day so they can telegraph me. [illegible] must not criticize my hasly letters too densely Just because you are studying grammar from [illegible] Ohio has impressed you must [illegible] a fellow from [illegible] to What is J. L. doing? Why don't he and [illegible] mail me. You speak of all the Cook girls getting married Well I assume their husbands all got pin cooks (I pass) Perhaps I will be home a few days this summer if I don't get too far to travel. I will be in Kansas City next Saturday & Sunday I have a number of friends there & consequently a very pleasant time. How are crops folks? Has he been to Mo. Since Christmas? I was up north of St. Louis last week. As I have [illegible] a number of letters to mail I will desist for the present. Tell Ma she owes me a letter [illegible] Mail soon [illegible] My regards to all I remain as ever [illegible] Theo H. Williams Hotel Coolidge T. H. Williams Emporia, Kansas Mrs. Lizzie Shaffer Milburn, KY Ballard Co. via Cairo Ill Cancellation stamp says Emporia Kan Feb 13 11:30 PM. 1886

Letter from Theo H. Williams to his sister, Lizzie Shaffer.


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