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A letter, mostly written by Allie with a little written by Clay, that mentions trying to get a revival set up in their town, illnesses that have befallen them and others, gardening, and cats.

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Meadow Brook Kansas March the 2 / 1885 Dear Sister It has been some time since I received your last letter and I have kept putting off answering it until tonight. Olive and I are alone, the rest are gone to church at the schoolhouse and I thought I would sit down to have a good old chat with my little sis on paper. Saturday and Sunday was our quarterly meeting, Bro Lewis and Bro Torbet are trying to get a revival, but so far have failed to get any one to turn. We are having lots of wind and the roads are almost impassible. I wish you were here to go to church, too; Nancy and Ross [top upside down] My dear little sister please tell Pa that I would like to hear from him. Clay were over Sunday, but I didn't get to see them. Clay has been in bed part of the time for very near 2 weeks, he complains the most with his head, he was some better yesterday and today, he hasn't been well all winter. Well I expect by this time you have received Will's gushing letter he came back of his own accord we wasn't paying any attention to him. He had his fill of Rose he came back with the same clothes that he took away. He only gave him a pair of boots. Will gathered all of his corn to fodder beside cutting wood and feeding he is very penitent - he wants to stay with us but I never could put any confidence in him again. Rose [illegible] put him up to write to Lee, to say that he wasn't to blame. Rosy & I were getting along splendid, she is a good girl [top of next page] and a pretty one too I think. How are you all getting along, I think of you so often, and wish we could see each other I dream so many times of being at the old home together have you heard about Bob getting married it was it was in the Olathe paper now don't cry yourself to death for Bosh isn't married yet young Baker had Viola to church Sunday night [illegible] & Eve still go together did I tell that Mrs. Riley had another girl. I went down and spent the day, not long ago, Charley was helping Minnie like Will used to help you, he looked comical with a big apron on and into the flour. Aunt [illegible] you ought to see Olive, she can walk every where, she scarcely ever gets hurt, she gets around so careful, she makes me think of little Pearl in her ways. I had [top upside down] we will mail you some [illegible] that Clay sends to you, it was given to him. I think they will be [illegible] this leaves us all teolerable well Lot gave us [illegible] a scare the other day she spit up fresh blood. She has had a hoarse cough all winter give our love to all at home. Tell Lace ? had a new beau, Alphes Davidson. Be sure to write often [illegible] for we are anxious to hear from from you. Your loving sister, Allie. A letter from Eddie last week, they were well, they have had quite a revival in Effingham. I haven't heard from Bro Joe's folks for some time, have you and I had the preachers Friday & Saturday night, Bro Lewis said there was only one man that he envied to that was Pa he said he had followed Pa on 2 circuits and all he heard was Bro Boles he said Pa could get larger crowds than any one else. Brother Torbet & he were wishing for him here. These warm days makes me think of gardening and chickens, I expect you have commenced by this time we had a nice mess of parsnips yesterday some of the were almost as large as [illegible] beets, Mollie me gave old Bell to Mrs. Crane and since [illegible] ran off, so that leaves us only one cat, Bob, have your old cat yet. I don't get much sewing done the winter has been so cold. I know you must have your hands full getting 3 meals. How is Ma, I went to church Sunday night and Jennie was asking about you all. I will have to close my letter. Tell Frank sent for him some cards with me & let me know if he gets them. Rev. Charles Boles Arkansas, Kansas Cowley Co. Cancellation stamp has: Meadow Brook Kan May 27 1885 is written in pencil Cancellation Stamp has: Kansas City MO May 28 10 AM 1885 Another stamp has the letter 1 in the middle Written in pencil: 1875-1881, 1882-5, 87-96 KA-0861 20.00

Letter from Allie and Clay Boles to their unnamed sister


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