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B. J. Waters



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Mr. B. J. Waters writes of financial problems due to the failure of an enterprise that he was involved with. He asks Mr. Nichol for money to help tide him over until he can get back on his feet.

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B. J. Waters, Attorney at Law Fort Scott, Kas., Dec 18 1884 Thos. M. Nichol Esq. Dear Sir, Yours containing check for $25 recd. The amt I have placed to your credit in the note. I don't know what all Mr. Foster has written you & care less. I have written him several letters with reference to what is due me than never received any satisfaction. About the middle of Nov. I wrote him asking him as a matter of justice to settle with me without any trouble that I had no desire to impede in any way the prospects of the enterprise by litigation I was compelled to do so in The protection of my own rights. He replied that he had seen you in N.Y. & that you stated that you had and would settle with me. I then wrote him what took place at dinner & that on my return home I wrote you that I propose would send me $13000 I wanted transfer to you all my interest in with C S. Madison up to you for note that you replied that you would accept my offer when you could get the money, but when that would be you did not know this I considered no offer & so wrote Fosters that I had nothing against you except the note & that I had made no transfers or sold my interests to you & that I Held the C.S. responsible & would after the holidays take the many steps to protect myself. He then wrote me that if you did not settle with me he might get his associates to do something. Very encouraging indeed at this kind of talk. I told you in Denver the importance & necessity for me having some money in Nov. & at first hint by January when we may return home & writing you that if you would send me $1500 I would surrender everything because I made at the I presumed by making this offer I did think you would be able to raise the amt. Your reply disappointed me very much indeed. When I again wrote you and stated my situation & asked you to send me Money I still supposed that you would send me the money on my demand, I did not write you for money to help support me as you stated in your letter although I am poor & have nothing now that I can call my own I am not but begging. You had said that you wanted settle with me & I was asking money in that settlement, but as none came I concluded that there was to be no settlement only through the courts. Hence I have been preparing for the emergency you think that I have not acted as I should in this matter and that I am losing friends. It may look thin even to you; but to me the friends if ever they were, are not worth saving, as yet they have done me no good nor Have they promised me any goods. They have paid in full every man connected with the enterprise but mine & mine they have so far ignored. You think that I ought to take hold & help myself during the connection of affairs, I am hoping to do this not withstanding the loan I am carrying. You say that you are as bad off as I am & that you work & find that they are unwilling to help you. Your case is not like mine in some respects. If I had no one but myself like you are I would not worry nor fret so bad, but I have, which I trust you haven't forgotten, a family to look after in some way. You are alone no one but yourself to look after. Foster & the rest don't know & can't appreciate the condition in which I have been placed by the failure of the enterprise. The savings of a life time are swept away by this failure & then besides this they refuse to pay me what is justly due me, after waiting more than a year. Do you wonder at my patience being exhausted and strained to the utmost. I have asked Foster why elections were not held for directors in both C. S. as the loans , but he gave me no response. I am a subscriber to the capital stock of these C. S. & as a stockholder The counts will protect me & my interests. I repeatedly wrote Foster that I did not want to the loan under I was compelled to and all that I wanted was What was fair between man & man. I have never swindled any one yet. The charge that I was a party to the to the contrary notwithstanding & why they refuse to pay me is something I can't understand. The conditions of affairs has put me in about the condition of the small man. Ordinarily he said that he only weighed 100 lbs., but when he was mad he weighed a ton. I think you know me well enough to know that I will put up with & yield to most anything that is within the boundary of reason and if in presenting me payment of my claim has been construes by these fellows as being out of place, but that's a lack of judgment & a tendency to their friendship when All I have to say to them is that their friendship is not worth having. I have never purchased friendship & never will. I have not forgotten the many acts of kindness you have shown me & never will. They were matters in they would not have been but for your openness & advice no man has ever valued more highly than I have, but I need money now more than I do advice and had I taken the advice given me I would have had my money long since. The manner in which I have been treated in this matter give me no hope of any favors or future advantages by these men. So what is the use in wanting any longer. It may be that the course I have mapped out is not the best one, but until convinced to the contrary I will be compelled to pursue it. Justice to myself & justice to my family not only requires but demands that an end must be put to this terrible suspense as soon as it can be, for I can't meet my obligations with hope, faith or patience. If you can point a way clear out of this troubles I would like to have it. Yours Truly B. J. Waters Walnut Land and Coal Company, Walnut, Bates County, MO Hon. Thos. M. Nichol œ29 New Street New York City N.Y. Care of Bell & Hatch Cancellation stamp has Fort Scott Kan. Dec 19 Cancellation stamp has PO 12 -22-84 5 A

Letter written by B. J. Waters to Thomas M. Nichol


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