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Ruth J. McBride



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A letter written by a mother to her son, Thomas, in which she is describing how her other son, Wilson, is ignoring her; Ruth also tells Thomas that she is in need of money and asks if he would send her some money.

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Rubens Kans Jan 5th 1883 Dear Son Can you send me some money to get me some wood when I came here I did not expect to ask this of you and would not now if I could help it but Wilson for some unknown reason has refused to do any thing for me before I went to housekeeping he offered to furnish me all the wood I wanted but now he says I shall not have a stick of his wood. He also promised me meat potatoes squashes turnips beans but now when I want them I cannot get any things from him. I was very sick a short time ago and sent him word but he did not come to see me. I then sent Him a card requesting him to come but he did not do it. They had a Christmas dinner there on Christmas day and had all the Wests there but I did not get an invitation. Why he treats me so I do not know if it had not been for Franklin and his family I don't know what I would have done the have divided every thing they have that I needed but Franklin has his own fuel to buy and he is not able to buy for himself and me and if I don't get help soon I must suffer with cold. Will says he will not pay anymore of the four percent and it may be that is why he will not do any thing for me what little time I was at his house he charged me two dollars and fifty cents a week for Board and I got nothing but what little I eat and a bed to sleep on while I was boarding with Franklin. I got my board and lodging and a room to myself for one dollar and fifty cents a week. Some time ago I had Franklin write you concerning my bible and some other things that Barr did not send. Won't you see to them for me and have them sent. I miss my large print Bible so much. I have recovered from my spell of sickness and am now quite well and am very well satisfied. If I only had a little means to live on send me some of the four percent in what ever way you think best. If you send a money order make it payable to Franklin at Superior Nebraska for I will have to get Him to get it for me I cannot go through the cold to get it myself. I have but one more plaster for my face Send me some good heavy quarter and won't you send me the Shield Banner for six months or a year and pay it out of my money for no one there ever thinks of writing to me. Hopeing to hear from you soon I remain as ever your affectionate Mother Ruth J. McBride Mr. Thos. McBride, Esq Mansfield Richland County, Ohio Cancellation stamp says Rubens Jan 8 1883

Letter written by Ruth J. McBride to her son


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