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L. A. Phillips



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A letter from L A Phillips in Wichita to her brother and sister in Ohio. In it, Mrs. Phillips writes about Kansas being a good country with lots of water.

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Sedgwick. Jan: 19th 1879. Dear brother and sister, It is a long time since I wrote to you, or heard from you but I thought I would not wait for [illegible] as I had no excuse for it, only as I am lonesome I cannot go to meetings and visiting is my grain, especially on to Sabbath day unless it is for some good will. I trust that you are enjoying the Lord's services - with gratitude and feeling in your heart of grace, with fortitude, which will enrich you with triumph to that heavenly kingdom. I wrote to you in my last letter of my troubles. I think in time they will abait, but still [illegible] is not loose yet. I don't expect you to give me anything for I have enough. The Lord has been merciful to me that I have not suffered for the necessarys of this life, so I will try to content myself and look forward to that better land where there will be no sorrow. I have not given up my hope yet for if God is for us, who, can be against us. You wrote in your last to know how, or whether, we were making more than a bare living or not. I do not know as I [illegible] you satisfactory or not. We are doing very well. Considering the disadvantages that we commence with. There is renting farms here, than any other country, only Arkansas. Still there are many that have met with severe losses from hailstorms west of here, but trust they will make it up in future. They said to be good hard working people again there some that come here and expect to make money without and [illegible] to can't get fast enough, and get homesick and turn back. One must give allowance for everything in general. But I tell you Kansas is a good Country. You cannot go nowhere but you can get water plenty, good water, all that is lacking timber. Coal will be cheaper. I sent you the Wichita Eagle to give you some idea how Wichita was. I shall try and send you one of the present time. It has perfect drafts. We don't know where we shall settle yet. I wish could see Kansas. I expect your eyes will bug out some, when you read the Eagle threw. Frank and Cena are still with us. Frank does not like it here, they are trying to get somewhere there has not been much work here this winter because of so much immigration. They have some earn to gather yet. David is a peddeling apple, in town, and is a doing well. Apple are high here, we have had a pretty cold winter so far. The old settlers of ten years saying that it is the coldest they ever knew Kansas. There has been snow ever since the last day of Nov. We are having nice weather now. Have you heard from Mark lately. Do write immediately. Almedia is to work ten miles from here. I have not seen her for seven weeks. Soon will be at home if nothing happens. Franky goes to school, and is a learning well. How did you spend Chrismas and New Years. They had up there Chrismas tree here. Franky went over to one and got some candys. He hast lots of them, all the rest they at home. Oh, have you any notion of coming out here. Write and tell me. Warren Smith went back to Ohio. I am afraid he has [illegible] it. I have not heard from him since. Now Ed Deb [illegible] be sure and write soon. Now lets us live so that if we don't meet on earth we in heaven so good bye from your affectionate sister L A Phillips Wichita Kansas Edwin N. Bowers Geneva Asht Co Ohio Mr. Edwin W. Bowers Geneva Asht Co. Ohio Cancellation stamp has Wichita Kan. Jan 22

Letter written by a woman in Wichita to her sister and brother in Ohio


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