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A letter written on stationary from the Custer Hotel in Beloit, Kansas from a man to his woman friend in Iowa. The writer talks about Beloit being a small, regular western town, about the temperature being really warm, and about the fact that he is lonesome, but will soon be traveling on to Colorado.

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One piece of paper measuring 8" by 10" and one envelope measuring 4.9" by 3.1"


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(Hotel Stationary) HOTEL built and furnished in 1878 with all modern conveniences to accommodate 100 with quarters and to subsist 300 or more with the substantials and luxuries of a first-class house. Three Sample Rooms on the first floor, for Commercial Tourists. Location, unsurpassed and convenient to Court House, Post-Office and depots of the Kansas Pacific and Central Branch Railroads terminating at BELOIT. Stages leave the hotel daily for the North, South, East and West. Livery transportation-for speed and safety unexcelled. BOARD AND ROOMS $2 PER DAY Custer House, Hopkins & McMecken, Proprietors, Beloit, Kans. July 21st 1878. Miss Woodside My Dear Friend Your kind and much welcome letter was recd last evening and I suppose you would not believe me if I would tell you the pleasure I derived from perusing your sweet letter. It is the only letter that I have recd from Eldora since I left and I have felt very lonesome at times without you but you have been ever present in my mind, if not in my sight and so you say that you have a friend in Kansas Well I am not surprised at that fact for I think it is so and I think I would have one to if you were here tonight and still more I would go to church with you as there is one here. This is quite a town it is lively you might say. It is small but it is a regular western town. The people here do not care for anything a man's life is worth two cents and still the weather is very warm The Thermometer ranged at one hundred & seven here in the shade yesterday. I do not know when I will return to Eldora. The prospects are that I will have to go to Colorado before I return I will bid you adieu for this time. I will start west tonight or in the morning on my Indian Pony. Good bye Yours Truly SMB Miss Mary Woodside Eldora Iowa Hardin County Cancellation stamp has Beloit Kansas Jul 15 1878

Correspondence to Mrs. Mary Woodside from S.M.B.


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