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A letter from B. F. McBride to his brother Thomas regarding a $50 bill that was used to pay his railroad ticket, but later turned out to be counterfeit.

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Reubens Kansas Apr 2nd 1874 Dear Brother In buying my tickets at Mansfield, I gave the ticket agent of the Atlantic & Greater Northern R. R. a fifty dollar bill and shortly before the train arrived he came to me and said he did not like the looks of the bill & asked if I would give him other money for it. I told him I would but found I had not enough in my pocket and before I could get any out of my other pocket book the train came and I gave him my address and told him to write if the bill proved bad. He has done so stating that the bill is counterfeit. I will write him to take it to you you will take it to the bank Tell them the circumstance and if they pronounce it good and will take it deposit it there and give the agent other money for it out of my money when it is paid in if it proves bad have the agent to send it to me retaning money of mine in your own hands to redeem it as soon as I receive it Also have the agent to send with the bill a statement under oath that that is the bill he got of me at that time as I know where I got it and can have it redeemed if identified Send money by draft as you have been doing Send Willson's & mine in one draft to Reubens Jewell County Yours & c B. F. McBride Thos. McBride Esq Mansfield Richland County Ohio Cancellation stamp: Apr 3 Rubens Kan (Written in pencil) good letter about counterfeit $50. 00 bill - 1874 - Rubens Kansas DPO 1871-1900

Letter written by B. F. McBride to his brother


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