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A letter written by A. L. Munyon, who lived in Fredonia, to his brother H. F. Munyon, who lived in Michigan. A. L. wrote about a scandal involving a man named Burke; he also wrote about the health of people in the area.

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Fredonia Kans July 14th / 72 Brother Horace Your favor of June 10th was received in due time. I should have been answered before this, but since the hot weather commenced I have been feeling to lazy to write letters but now the Baltimore Convention is over. I will try and raise my ambition a notch or two higher until after election. Anna's health has improved considerable since I wrote you last and I think will be as well as ever gain in a short time. My own health continues good with the exception of what the Doctor (continued on the back page, left side) (Begins on the left side of the paper) Mrs. Burke's health has been failing for nearly a year and for two weeks hast not been expected to live but now is a little better different evidence has been developed to satisfy the public that he has been giving her a slow poison for some time past to get her out of the way and if she were to die at this time there is not much doubt but he would get a rise in the world at the hands of the people through the medium of twisted hemp. Burke is not the only one of the officials in this county that are above superior. Anna joins me in sending best wishes to all. Yours A. L. Munyon Calls muscular rheumatism which is troubling me considerable for 2 weeks past but does not keep me from attending to business. Business continues dull and seems to be getting worse every day, but there is some sattasfaction about it it can't get much worse and move at all. I have recd several letters from the east within the last month business good and folks are dieing faster than ever. Edgar Tourtellotte and wife and both dead and both from the same cause an overdose of morphine (you can draw your own conclusions) they died within one or two weeks of each other Hiram Munyon 2nd is dead, cause Dr. Holbrook. Uncle Calvin Randall is dead cause Aseph Eddy's bad rum, and plenty of others are passing in their checks and taking through tickets. You will see by the last Journal that we are a case of first class scandal here although you get little or none of the particulars the man Burke is a fair specimen of the œGod and morrality party very pious and hoity toil and a strong advocate of Grant's reelection and like good king David increased the number of his concubines as he increased his indebtedness and finaly brought one home and kept her in his family as help for nearly one year when his wife divided the house with her and gave her the outside and in a few weeks the development becomes public of which the Journal speaks Mr. H. F. Munyon Portsmouth Mich. Bay Co. Cancellation stamp says Fredonia Kan. July 16 1872 is written in pencil

Letter written by A. L. Munyon to his brother


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