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August 1862


Letter appointing Thomas Bowen as a recruiting commissioner for what eventually became the 13th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Cavalry

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Office Recruiting Commission Department of Kansas Aug 22d 1862 Thos M. Bowen Sir You are hereby notified that by virtue of authority from the Secretary of War dated July 22d 1862 you are hereby appointed a recruiting commissioner for the Counties of Brown Neosho Marshall and Washington and other Counties in North Western Kansas & adjoining Territory and you will cooperate with Col. Cyrus Leland all ready appointed You are authorized to raise and organize one or more company of Infantry Vols to be mustered into the United States Service for three years or during the war and for this purpose you can appoint recruiting officers with The rank of 2d Lieuts from [illegible] of their appointment [illegible] subject to conditions of General Order of 75 of War Department and all Lieutenants or persons whatsoever appointed by Mr. James H. Lane [illegible] or by my orders as [illegible] authority [illegible] from me for the purpose & with power to raise & organize one or more companies either of white-men or Indians whether heretofore or hereafter appointed are hereby declared and ordered to be subject to your orders and Central [illegible] the scope of your district or Territory and you are to have general supervision & control of the recruiting business in your portion of said dist and Territory In having the companies hereby authorized you can receive either white-men or Indians or both into the W. S. Service On your requisition when approved at this office supplies of ammo & [illegible] clothing, camp equipage and subsistence will be furnished by the Commanding General of this Department Transportation for recruits and recruiting officers will be furnished on your requisition when approved and the actual cost of the same will be refunded in vouchers in the usual form accompanied by your order directing the movement cost of subsistence [illegible] of recruits prior to muster into W. S. Service will be paid according to the rules [illegible] of general orders of War Department. The provisions of general order no. 75 will be strictly adhered to - except - that all reports will be made to this office instead of the adjutant general of the State. In performing these dutys you are authorized to visit such places in your district as may be necessary & transportation therefor will be furnished in your requisition when approves or the cost of the [illegible] reimbursed on presentation of proper vouchers in usual form. This commission of recruiting not to interfere in any [illegible] with the powers of Cyrus Leland now acting as Recruiting Commissioner for Doniphan, Brown, Nemaha and Washington Counties. This power to be revoked at the will of the Recruiting Commissioner of Kansas Department. By order of Gen. James H. Lane commissioner of recruiting of Department of Kansas. Albert H. Horton A. C. for Recruiting in Atch & Counties

Letter appointing Thomas Bowen to mobilize a volunteer cavalry


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