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May 1861


A letter signed by members of the Amity Page County Iowa Home Guards asking that Thomas Bowen be commissioned as colonel of their unit.

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Letter is on 9.7" by 7.9" unlined paper




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This is to certify that on the 22nd day of May A.D. 1861, in camp at Amity Page County Iowa, Thos M Bowen was chosen Colonel of Regiment [illegible] and we respectfully solicit that he may be commissioned as such. Geo. W. Burns Capt. Home Guards Alex Scott 1st Lieut [illegible] 2nd Lieut John [illegible] Capt [illegible] Blues John Oakley 1st Lieut Thomas Whitehill 2nd Capt T J [illegible] Capt. Border Guards A. Van Eaton 1st Lieut J. M. Brown 2nd Edward Beckett Capt Union Company Daniel Chesskire 1st Lieut F. A. McDonald 2nd Joseph Smith Capt Aodawa Home Guards M. C. Martin 1st Lieut J. H. Bangs 2nd Lieut Union Company Capt 1st Lieut 2nd State of Iowa Page County I Charles Linderman Clerk of the District Court of said County do hereby certify that the signatures to the foregoing Certificate are genuine and that the individuals whose names are thereto subscribed severally appeared before me on the 22nd day of May A D 1861 and acknowledged the signing of said Certificate Given under my hands and Seal of said Court this 23rd day of May 1861 Charles Linderman Clerk

Letter to Thomas Bowen from the Iowa Home Guards

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