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July 1865


The officers of the 13th Regiment of the Kansas Volunteers signed a letter regarding what they perceive as a false statement about Col. Bowen in a report written by Col. Dubois.

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Leavenworth City Kansas July 15 1865 Hon. E. M. Stanton Secy of War Sir The undersigned officers of the 13th Kansas was being mustered out of the service of the US desire before separating desire to correct a false statement which somehow since found its way into the report of Col. Dubois, an unsuspecting officer. Some officers having been imposed upon no doubt by malicious and [illegible] persons for we cannot believe that he would have made such a report without having been deceived by such persons. Some of us were eyewitnesses to the affair in which it was charged by said report, that Col. Bowen attempted to coerce certain person to an act described in said report. Those of us who were not eye witnesses have heard the statement of officers who were (and whose statements we rely upon as much as we would upon our own knowledge) and we join with them in giving the real facts in the case which are as follows Quite a number of colored people of both sexes were with our Regiment and the most of them had tents immediately in rear of those of the line officers for whom they were as a general thing working. Among the numbers were two girls who behaved improperly & badly being run after by several colored men connected with the Regiment and in so public a manner that their conduct could not fail to be observed by Col. Bowen whose quarters were still further back and who had before on several occasions reproved them severely for their conduct. On the day in question he observed conduct so indecent, so offensive, and so public that he ordered the regt of the guards to put the guilty parties in the guard house Remarking at the same time that “If they were determined to make brutes of themselves they should be put where they would not be seen”. This is the whole matter and we can but express our regret that the inspective officer permitted himself to be deceived by persons whose malice toward Col. Bowen (originating not doubt from having been justly punished by him for some offense) could only find vent in this underhanded and cowardly manner. To those who know Col. Bowen’s true character as we do no explanation is necessary but we desire the facts to become record in order that his superior officers who do not know him personally may not be led into error in the [illegible] Very respectfully C A Woodworth Major J Schilling Capt. Co “I” W S Blackburn G W W Griffin 1st Lt E J Frankhouse Capt. Co Samuel Flinkinger A Alfred C Low 1st Lt John H Croft 1st Lt Jas C McElroy 1st Lt Alfred A Clutter 1st Lt A L Hensel 1st Lt G A Slossen 2nd Lt G Amos H. Caffee Surgeon 13th Kan John F Shields 2nd Lt Co H Robert Manville Capt Co D G W Smith Adjt 13th Kansas Antoine Brentano 1st Lt Co B H L McAdams 2nd Lieut A John L McCulley 1st Lt Co D Written in pencil: Officers 13th on Dubois report

Letter about the Dubois Report signed by officers of the 13th Kansas


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