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July 1865


A letter of support written to Thomas Bowen after his dismissal from his post as Brid. General of the 13th Regiment Kansas Volunteers signed by the men who served under his command.

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2 pieces of unlined paper measuring 7.8" x 9.8"


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Leavenworth City Kansas July 15th 1865 Thomas W. Bowen late Colonel 13th Kansas and Brig. General by Brevet. Sir: The undersigned officers of the 13th Reg’t Kansas Vol. Infty, have just heard with regret of your dismissal from the service by Special Orders No. 388 (CS.) War Department, dated June 28th. We hereby tender you our sincere simpathy (sic) and as the Government has refused to give you an honorable discharge, we beg leave to present this document as a testimonial of our endorsement of your course to the fullest extent. We know that you are free from the commission of any offense to warrant the unjust and despotic treatment you have received and we do hereby enter our solemn protest against it. If, now that the war is over and the Government Sustained, officers who like yourself have faithfully and honorable served for more than four years are to be thus summarily, and without any previous warning, disgraced, then we have indeed periled our lives and forgone the pleasures of home in vain. We brand your dismissal as an act of Tyranny and Despotism, and in conclusion we endorse you as a man of integrity and courage and as pure a patriot as ever shed a drop of blood in defense of his country. In the investigation of which we have understated that you intend availing yourself, under that law of Congress which is the check against reckless and wanton use of power, we pledge you our hearty Cooperation and insist that it shall be so thorough and complete as not only to vindicate you, but to expose the reckless and unprincipled scoundrels who are at the bottom of it. We have the honor to remain General as ever your sincere friends, C. A. Woodworth, Major 13th Kans Infty J. Schilling Capt Co 13 K.V.I. W. S. Blackburn Capt Co 13th Kans Vol Infty W. E. Griffin 1st Lieut Co 13th K.V.I. J. Frankhouse Capt. Co C 13th Kans. Infty Samuel Flickinger Capt Co 13th Kas Infty Vols Alfred C. Low 1st Lieut Co. 13th Kansas Vols. Inft O. H. Macauley Capt. Co. 13th Kans. Infty. Vol. John H. Croft 1st St (Sergeant) Co 13 Kans Infty Vols Jas C McElroy 1st Lt Co 13 Kans Infty Vols Alfred A. Clutter 1st Sr (Sergeant) Co A 13 Kans Infty Vols L Hensel 1st Lt. Co G 13 Kans Infty Vols N Slossen 2nd Lt. Co 13 Kans Infty Vols Amos H Caffee Surgeon 13th Kansas Infty Vols John F. Shields 2nd Lt Co 13th Kans Infty Robert Manville Capt Co 13th Kans Infty G. W. Smith 1st Lt & Adj. 13th K.V.I. Antoine Brentano 1st Lt. Co. B. 13th Regt Kans Vols I. H. L. McAdams 2nd Lieut Co. 13th Kans Inft John L. McCully 1st Lieut Co 13th Kans Infty [Written in pencil] - Letter from officers of 13th Kansas

Letter of support signed by Brig. General Bowen's men in the 13th Regiment Kansas Volunteers


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