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July 1865


An application to President Andrew Johnson asking him to convene a court martial for Col. Thomas Bowen who felt that he was unjustly dismissed from his service.

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Leavenworth City State of Kansas Thomas L. Bowen, late Col 13th Kansas Volunteer being duly sworn [illegible] and says that he was commissioned as Colonel of the 13th Kansas Volunteer on the 20th day of Sept. 1862 that he served with that Reg. until the muster out thereof as Colonel, and laterally as Col. and Brevt Brig General, which said muster out was completed on the 26th day of June 1865, and he affiant was then and there honorably mustered out. Affiant further says that he proceeded with his said regiment to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where under orders he and the officers and soldiers of said Reg. were to receive their final discharge. Where arriving at said post he was informed that he was dismissed the service, and received a copy of said dispatch, which is hereto attached. Affiant solemnly makes oath that said dismissal was wrongful and unjust, and respectfully asks under the Act of the Congress of the U. S. approved March 3 1865, that a Court Martial be convened at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, to try him, on the charges on which he was dismissed. For the reasons stated in the foregoing application.Fort Leavenworth, Kansas July 15 1865 To the President of the United States Washington Dist. Columbia The undersigned respectfully makes application under the Act of Congress approved March 3d 1865. For the convening of a Court Martial, at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in the Dist. Of the Military Dept of which he is resident, where also reside all the witnesses, for the prosecution and defence, with a view to the vindication of his honor as a solder, and preparatory to entering civil life. He respectfully states, that he entered the service in May 1861 as Capt. Was commissioned Sept 20th 1862, and brevetted Brig General Feb. 1865. That he was honorably discharged the service the 2th June last past, by a muster out at Little Rock, Arkansas. He further states that he was wrongfully and unjustly dismissed on the 28th day of June 1865. He respectfully refers to affidavit required by said act, and other exhibits for further information herein. To His Excellency Andrew Johnson Pres

Application to President Andrew Johnson to convene a Court Martial on behalf of Col. Bowen


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