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March 1863


Mr. Burlingame writes to Col. Bowen regarding commissions for him and several other military officers.

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The unlined paper that the letter is written on is 9.8" by 7.8"


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State of Kansas Executive Office Topeka, March 13th 1863 Col. Thos M. Bowen Dear Sir: The other day I received a letter from the Governor (who was here at Leavenworth) enclosing the Roster of your Regt & directing me to commission the field officers who had not already been commissioned. I therefore issued commissions for yourself & Lt. Col. Wheeler, thinking that Maj. Woodworth had previously been commissioned. I did not rank those commissions back from the fact that the roster showed no date of muster. I herewith enclose a commission for Maj. Woodworth, ranking this same back to the date mentioned in yours of the 3rd [illegible]. If it is important that the commissions of yourself and Col. Wheeler should rank back, you can retain them, and I will correct. No commission has been issued to Dr. Shipley, because his name did not appear in either of the two rosters of this Regt. on file in this office. The first knowledge of his muster service was received from your letter. Under the impression that the place was vacant, the Governor promised to appoint another gentleman, in the event of his receiving a certificate of qualification from the Medical Examining Board. He has not yet made his appearance, and as [illegible] and other vacancies to be fill. Perhaps this matter can be [illegible] dated. At all events I will communicate with the Governor when the subject and hope to hear from him before he goes East - in any event his instructions will be received in a few days. On the 26th of February 2nd Lt. Manville Co. was promoted to 1st Lt. Vice Batsell, resigned & 1st Sergt John S. McCully to 2nd Lt. vice Manville, promoted. They were in the regular order of [illegible], and were, besides, recommended by a decided majority of the Company. The commissions were sent to Lt. Manville and have doubtless been received [illegible] this. I have the honor to be Yours as Ward Burlingame Prin Secy

Letter to Col. Thomas M. Bowen from Ward Burlingame


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