Times Talk Archive
Times Talk is a series hosted by the American Democracy Project providing short presentations to the Fort Hays State University community relating to civic or political engagement, civil discourse, and social or political issues. Presentations are based on a topic-relevant New York Times article that has been published within the last three years.


Submissions from 2019


Civic Engagement With Refugee and Immigrant Populations in Southwest Kansas, Kendal Carswell and Larisa White


Free Speech, Jay Steinmetz and Wendy Rohleder-Sook


Gerrymandering: An Ace in the Hole for the Party in Power, Gary Brinker


The Stigma of Metal Illness, Brooke Mann and Ashley Lockwood


Should Professors Sign Petitions?, Peter Tramel


Evolution, Catherine Sartin


Admissions Scandal, Carolyn Tatro and Jon Armstrong


Affordable Educations: Open Educational Resources, Brad DeMers, Elodie Jones, Kayelani Kirschbaum, and Claire Nickerson

Legislative Professionalism and Representation, Connor Mountford


Domestic Terrorism: The Human Factor, Patricia Levy


Identity Politics, Jay Steinmetz


The Adolescent Brain of the So Called Juvenile Super Predator, April Terry and Ashley Lockwood


Benefits of the Unicameral Legislature as Modeled by Nebraska, Michael Musgrove


FHSU Women: Past and Present, Christie Brungardt and Brooklynn E. Bracelin


Online Security, Jessica States

Submissions from 2018


Civil Rights Then & Now, Lucy Partlow-Loyall


Psychology of Mass Shootings: Myths vs. Realities, Trey Hill PhD, Brooke Mann, and Whitney Whitaker


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Greg Weisenborn


The Holocaust and American Memory: Teaching Genocide with Young Adult Literature, Hollie Marquess and Sharon Wilson


Current Updates in Title IX, Christie Brungardt, Elaine M. Parkinson, and Brooklynn E. Bracelin


Food Recalls: What, Why and How, Glen McNeil


Impeachment for Dummies, Larry Gould


Revenge Porn: Sexual Abuse in Cyberspace, Kweillin Lucas


Cuddly Killers, Greg Farley


Practical Tips for Protecting Your Online Privacy, Claire Nickerson


The Other F Word, Hollie Marquess and Amanda Buday


Food Safety: Its Effect on You and Your Diet, Glen McNeil


Gerrymandering: District Lines and Democracy, Connor Mountford and John Colclazier

Submissions from 2017


Drug Courts, Paul Lucas


500 Years of Protestant Christianity, Paul Faber


First Generation College Students, Brett Bruner


Social Media in Social Movements, Amanda Buday


Fake News, Nathan Elwood and Cyndi Landis


Banned Books Week, Sharon Wilson and Elizabeth Chance


President Trump and the Media, Larry Gould and Dan Kulmala


Experiential Learning, Tim Crowley

Making the Connection, National Campus Leaders Summit

The Reality of Virtual Reality, Gordon Carlson

History of Working Women in the 20th Century, Hollie Marquess and Sharon Wilson


Whither of the Electoral College?, Larry Gould and Joseph Romance


What Students Need To Know About Copyright, Claire Nickerson

Violence & Safety on Campus, Amy Gildemeister and Brett Chrisler

Build Your Resume with Travel, Ashley Templeton

Implications of a Trump Administration: Global, National, & Local, Larry Gould and Joseph Romance

Submissions from 2016

Times Talk Game Changing Elections and the Origins of Presidential Politics, Edward J. Larson

The Election, Larry Gould and Joseph Romance

Open Access Week, Claire Nickerson

Kansas Speaks 2016, Gary Brinker and Chapman Rackaway

Red Flag Campaign, Kaiti Dinges

Mental Health on College Campuses, Gina Smith

Banned Books Week, Sharon Wilson

It is Time for Us to Be Disobedient, Patrick D. Roscoe

Pressure of perfection Mental Health on College Campuses, Brandi Mathis and Chelsea Wheeler

Making the Business Case for Gay Rights, Rose Helens-Hart

Gender-Based Violence, Keegan Nichols and Holly Weiss

The Election of 2016, Josephine Squires, Jian Sun, Larry Gould, and Bryan Bennett

Women's History Month, Janna Wilkinson and Kaiti Dinges

Gifted Education, Linda Smith, Joey Schmidt, Braden Allmond, and Kayce Feldkamp

Tiger Food Exchange, Sarah Bailey

Severe Storms and Storm Chasing, P. Grady Dixon

Kansas Speaks, Gary Brinker and Chapman Rackaway

Submissions from 2015

Fraternity and Sorority Life, Jacob Ternes

Cuba and the U.S. toward Normalization, Norman Caufield

Social Networking Doping, Hsin-Yen Yang

We're a Culture, Not a Costume, Amber White

The Red Flag Campaign 2015, Christie Brungardt, Janna Wilkinson, and Kaiti Dinges

Distinct & Complementary: Faculty Senate, AAUP and the Work of Shared Governance at FHSU, Keith Campbell, Tony Gabel, David Goodlett, and Lorie Cook-Benjamin

Campus Safety Initiative, Keegan Nichols and Holly Weiss

Paid to Play?, Brad Haynes

Global Challenges: Seven Revolutions, Shala Mills

The Big Stupid Internet: Why You Should Fear It, Gordon Carlson

Low Wage America, Norman Caufield

Truth or Consequences, Deb Ludwig, MaryAlice Wade, and Tom Lippert

How to Be a Water-Wise Tiger, Ashley Templeton and Alan Dreith

Black Lives Matter, Amber White and Denesha Jones

Relationship Status Quo, Danielle Dougherty

Submissions from 2014

Saving the Ogallala Aquifer, Julene Bair

The Many Faces of Hunger, Jean Gleichsner

Midterm Elections with Dr. Joe Romance, Joseph Romance

Campus Safety & The Red Flag Campaign, Christie Brungardt, Sadie Lungren, Holly Weiss, and Kaiti Dinges

Ukraine: Understanding the Facts, Sergey Zhykin

A Look on the Wild Side, Brenna Johnson and Carly McCracken

Google Plus, Robert Moody

The Dream Share Project, Patti Griffin

The Cuddly Kitty is Deadlier Thank You Think, Greg Farley

Ethics in Media, Zach Kastens

Submissions from 2013

Hunger Touches Everyone, Jean Gleichsner

Is Obesity a Disease?, Gregory Kandt

Red Flag Campaign 2013, Christie Brungardt

Part-Time USA, Norman Caufield

Next Generation Science Standards, Paul Adams

Women in Agriculture, Brittany Howell

The Face of Global Hunger, Terry Wasinger and Rick McNary

Disaster Narratives of Survivorship, Patricia Levy

Submissions from 2012

Red Flag Campaign, Christie Brungardt and Jessica Carrasco

Why Vote?, Joseph Romance

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Paul Faber and Jacob Glover

Submissions from 2011

Global Leadership, LeAnn Brown and Brett Whitaker