George Sternberg Album #3 - South American Views


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In this black-and-white image, a wooden ferry is departing from the dock and heading across the river while attached to a pulley system on a rope leading across to the other side of the river. This picture was taken around 1931 during George Sternberg's paleontological excavation. Four horses are in this picture, two of which are on the left of the picture and two are on the right of the picture. In front of the two horses on the right are two dogs, darker in color, lying down in the dirt. Twelve people (nine men, two women in long dresses, and a boy in short pants) are on the shore of the river talking around a ragtop car with a single headlight, and four men are on the ferry that is heading across the river. Every single person in the picture is wearing a type of hat. Across the shore is a dirt road surrounded by vegetation and a few trees standing in the background. Farther in the distance across the river to the left, an outcropping rises above the plain.

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