George Sternberg Album #3 - South American Views


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A black-and-white photograph of a campsite. A line of light-colored canvas tents is pitched side-by-side. On the far left in front of the first tent is a woman in a plaid dress with her child. The child is sitting on top of a wooden horizontal beam and is held up by their mother. A young boy also sits on the beam on the other side of the woman. The tent is tied to this beam. Behind him is a young man. The second tent is open, revealing the interior. The third tent has a cylindrical chimney with smoke is coming out of it. A young man in work clothes stands in front of this tent, leaning on the second horizontal beam. A third tent sits about twenty feet to the right. The tent is open, revealing the pole propping it up. To the left of this tent are tall wooden boxes or crates. A fourth tent not entirely in view is on the far right of the photograph, in front of which is a three-wheeled motorcycle.

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black and white photograph


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