George Sternberg Album #2 - Early Canadian Views


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This page is from George Sternberg's personal photo album. Four black-and-white photographs depicting men preparing their wagon to cross a swollen river by a motorboat. In the four photographs, the men are wearing long-sleeved shirts and in some of the photos, they are standing in the swollen river. In two of the pictures, the men are shown with long poles that are 7' to 10' long. The scow in the photos is covered with a white tent like canvas with a stovepipe coming through the top. The river is lined with trees and in several of the pictures the trees are in the swollen river. Three white tents can be seen in the background of two of the photos.

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11 x 15 inch post-bound photographic scrapbook




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R.-21, T.-34, S.-34, ; On account of high water we were compelled to take our wagon apart and haul it accross [sic] [across] the river in this way. 35108.16. ; At noon on the 28th of June our was riding on scow 6.5 feet of water directly over where our sleeping tents stood the night before. ; Wagon, Harness and three men were easily carried across the swollen stream by our motorboat. 8-21 35107-16. ; The camp here is well out of the current but we were kept on the watch at night for fear the water would fall as fast as it raised and leave our scow high and dry.