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Approximate Date

January 1951


This black and white photograph features a handwritten family tree for the Buch Family - Handwritten Chronology of the Buch Family - pg. 1 Buch History for Emma Hoener.

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8" x 10" Glass-plate negative


Family trees, Stafford County (Kan.)


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Chronology of the Buch Family. During the year of 1742 times and conditions were very poor in Schlesien Eastern Germany. Crops were a failures, there was a scarcisty of work hence. Food and general living conditions at a very low ebb. A number of young men who understood Pottery Industry formed a small company and started out to find a new location, as they joined on a few men from Breslau who understood their trade were allowed to join the group. These men from Eastern Germany were large heavily bearded men venturesome honest and enthusiastic, so they traveled on and on to Western Germany to find their luck. After long journeyings[sic] one day they arrived in Saarland and were much impressed, the country looked proprerous, the people were friendly hospitable, and of a happy disposition. so different from the people in Schlesienland[sic]. From their very nature were a different class of people. At once they found work settled down and better times began. Amond these men was one Simon Buch who located in Gersweiler, He was a good worker, ambitious & saving, became prosperous. Married there and had six sons, one of these sons, Joachim Buch remained in Gersweiler, was twice married, the second time with Kathirine Ries. To this union were born three children, Karl, Sophie, Magdelens. This Joachim became a farmer, died in 1820


Family trees, Stafford County (Kan.)


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