Introduction: Assessment plays a significant role in managing a successful institutional repository (IR). This study combined the results of a faculty survey that measured faculty awareness of and participation in the IR of a single, state masters-granting institution with information regarding content type and downloads to draw conclusions regarding the composition and usage of the IR at this institution.

Method: A survey was sent to 856 faculty members at Fort Hays State University (FHSU) that asked questions regarding awareness of the IR and participation in the IR demonstrated through deposit and access of materials. Statistics regarding content type and full-text downloads were collected from the repository platform. Collected data were compared with previous studies at other similar institutions to determine similitude or difference between this IR and other IRs at masters and baccalaureate institutions.

Results & Discussion: Faculty awareness of and participation in the IR at FHSU is higher than that of other institutions, as shown in previous surveys, even though overall faculty participation remains low. The content of the IR is largely consistent with other similar institutions.

Conclusion: The faculty survey combined with information regarding repository usage demonstrates that the FHSU Scholars Repository serves a different purpose for both faculty and users than designers envisioned. Efforts to force the IR to resemble that of a research institution may be misplaced. Further research on the content makeup of IRs at masters and baccalaureate institutions is needed to establish commonalities among smaller institutions.

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