Journal of Applied and Educational Research (2017-2019)


readers’ theater, fluency, reading, self-assessment



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The need for fluent readers is clear in schools today as many readers are lacking reading fluency. This qualitative study examined the influence Readers’ Theater, a reading strategy, has on reading fluency. The following questions were addressed: 1) How does Reader's Theater influence reading fluency? 2) How did students’ selfassessment influence reading fluency? 3) How did teacher assessment influence reading fluency? The participants included four third-grade students from an elementary school in the Midwest. The findings suggested that Readers’ Theater positively influenced student’s reading fluency. Students’ self-assessment was helpful in getting students to become more aware of their reading. Teacher feedback and assessment was the most beneficial to student’s reading during this study. Role duality and a shorter data collection timeline were limitations to this study. Given the positive results of this study, further research using the Reader’s Theater strategy in other content areas should be explored.

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