Journal of Applied and Educational Research (2017-2019)


art integration, male students, academic achievement, student engagement



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The United States educational system continues to cut back on art programing; however, international statistics report countries with a stronger art presence continuously perform at higher academic levels. Art integration provides multiple pathways through curriculums and enables engaging learning environment. Art integration refers to three forms of art collaboration: learning in core subjects with and through the arts, creating interdisciplinary connections throughout curriculums and collaboration engagement. When all three of these forms are combined, casual relationships with increased student achievement and higher levels of engagement are formed. This study examined the effects of art integration on math achievement on male middle school students. The control and experimental group completed a pre- and post-test to assess academic achievement. The control group received math instruction from the math teacher using textbooks, teacher created problems, and only math content, while the experimental group received math instruction with art integration. Student engagement was also measured for both groups. It was hypothesized that art integration would increase academic achievement and student engagement in math for 6th grade boys. Results from four independent sample t-tests supported the hypothesis.

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